What you can expect

Today I am working as a freelance E-Commerce Manager to boost online shops, build up strong teams and get your digital commerce independent from slow and expensive agencies – fast forward to the market.

To be familiar with most of the processes that a digital commerce needs has shaped my expertise over the years.
On the frontend it’s about client focus, communication, design, speed, usability and presence on digital marketing or/and sales channels.
Behind the scenes it’s data driven analytics, finding possibilities for leverage, integrations, connectivity and software mastering.
To find and build the right team with a healthy sense for budgets is a great part of the journey.

Many of my clients have clear ideas what they want, a feeling that the way the are performing at the moment is below expectations and search for insights in how to interpret data, reports, which investment to do or software to choose to leverage their business. Is this your story?

Let’s find out what I can do for you

I rode the wave when graphics and marketing moved from paper to the web.
A personal website was a game changer and google ads were believed to fail.
Websites with flash designs and cross-marketing was hot.

In that time I designed travel catalogues, corresponding corporate ads and launched websites to make your booking online – which nobody did than…but it was cool.

When product catalouges moved to the web and online shopping took off, I was involved concepting and launching handmade PHP shops, optimized for search engines and started of with serious online marketing with google ads, than facebook groups, than Facebook ads than… (yes we all know tiktok now)

I worked in various market sectors: travel, SPA equipment, health, celebrities, cruise ships, consulting, sports – to name some – and different international projects in the DACH area.

For 13 years I worked in Italy and launched and directed the Italian market for a german SPA brand. Start was from 0 and we ended on cruise ships and de luxe SPAs.
Main vehicle was e-commerce and online marketing plus trade shows, reps and my initation into serious newsletter marketing.
In that period learned a lot about trade, marketplaces, import, (drop) shipping, warehousing and connectivity – say the hard side of e-commerce. Plus a free crash course of cultural issues of markets.

The following years I was working in the Netherlands, being responsible for online shops in 9 European countries. I launched new markets in different countries and languages, run online marketing campaigns and lead teams of various freelancers, agancies and programmers.
A challenging time with learnings in leading teams and interpretation of data to run successful international marketing campaigns and the power of system integrations in digital commerce – and again cultural issues.

I am passionate about my work and the excitement of turning marketing into money.
I engage in projects that respect our beautiful planet, have a positive vision and ecological imprint.
Our kids should be smiling when they look around in this world, be save and free and feel that their own kids – yet to be born – will too.

Let’s find out what I can do for you