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Ecommerce Marketing Germany

first you paid the market analysis and a technical analysis to find out whats best for you.
Very impressed by „with this major operation all will be beter and highly performing“ you signed a contract for their prefered cms or shop system.
Maybe and mostly hosted on their cloud server where you have limited access and ownership.
Finally you agreed on a marketing plan with minimum 1 year contract.

  • onboarding and technical troubles costed much more than quoted
  • integration with your in house processes/softwares is difficult and drives the costs up
  • you don’t own the rights or you don’t have qualified staff in house to take things in hand
  • your KPIs don’t really get on stage
  • marketing budgets rise with little effect
  • dependency on the agency is growing day by day
  • by building up knowledge in house
  • by reducing the tons of charts and dashboards to what really matters
  • by becoming agile in transmitting your core KPIs to the online world
  • by working with specialists which you choose are best for you for each channel or section

you have a good running online business in the Netherlands and decided its time to enter new markets in the DACH area, like Germany. Your local agency promised to fix that for you. You applied the same recipe as in your local market but the project wont take off.

Your agency comes with new ideas every day

  • fix technical issues, they block good results
  • rise your online marketing budget on social media, google & friends
  • optimize your digital processes with substantial investment
  • more specialist experts need to be involved to get things up and running
  • by understanding whats actually really going wrong
  • by spending on real levers instead of expensive try outs
  • by getting supported by independent expertise
  • by creating digital mastery
Ecommerce Marketin Germany

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