Inspiring trends log

Marketing trends 2016



@ E-Commerce figures: 64% social sales start on Facebook, 93% Pinterest user shopped online during the last 6 month, B2B online business will turn over 1,3 Trillion USD by 2020
@ Looks fantastic: 5 x more sales by implementing IN-STORE DIGITAL



@ I heard it through the grapevine: “CHATBOTS” will replace many apps.
@ Snapchat introduced “GEO FILTERS” to target your campaign.


@ Pictures are out, “MOTION IS IN”
@ In mobile marketing, look for the “MICRO MOMENTS” of your clients.


@ “BIG DATA” is the most growing market for software giants like IBM and Google.
@ Functionality wins over increasing speed on (mobile) devices: “MOORE’S LAW” is getting outdated.

@ Book release “DAILY RITUALS: How artists work”: learn from geniuses like Picasso and Hemingway how to structure your day.
@ SMART TEXTILES: Austria claims they’ll become the IPhone of their textile industry.

@ The “Internet of Things”: Netherland will launch it’s LoRaWAN network this year!
@ Online marketing: Your clients don’t go online anymore, they ARE online – wherever they are!

@ Ready for a “Digital Diet”?
@ Ericsson study:  the Smartphone is outdated – “artificial intelligence” is the future!